Chapter #6 – The Path Of Least Resistance: Spot & Bang Vulnerable Women On Fling Sites

Step-#6Let’s be blunt. If you are on a casual dating website it is because you want to get fucked ASAP. If you wanted to dick around with long conversations and several dates before you have a chance to get a girl in bed, you’d be on a regular dating site. If you think that just because this is the reason you’re on the site, the women will all be down for first encounter sex, you are dead wrong! Women operate differently than men, and even on a hookup site, many of them are going to expect you to put in some effort before they get in your pants.

If you want to find a fling without all the hold up, you have to know how to spot the most vulnerable chicks through the little hints and clues they drop in their profiles and in private conversations. Some will pretty much tell you outright, and others are more subtle, but once you master the art of picking up on what women say when they are vulnerable and desperate, you’ll be screwing easy women left and right.

Signs She Is Down To Fuck

• She’s fat – It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re into the BBW. If you are so horny that you just need a place to stick your cock asap, a fat chick is the way to go. They don’t get much attention from guys, so they usually put out right away.

• She’s trying to get back at her guy – A girl who is looking for a revenge lay is not going to waste any time. She doesn’t want to know you. She doesn’t care! She just wants to be able to tell the dude she is hoping to hurt that she screwed someone else. It may as well be you!

• She’s going through a break up – If she mentions that she’s going through a break up, get with her now. Sure, you might have to listen to her bitch or cry for a bit, but she’s emotionally at her weakest. She just wants to get her mind off the person who broke her heart, and she wants to use sex to do that.

Do Not Joing Any Fling Sites Until You See This List

Clues that It Will Be Too Much Effort To Have A Fling

If you see these hints in a profile or hear them in conversation, the woman in question might be more work than she’s worth. These are the chicks who like no strings sex, but aren’t necessarily easy about it.

• She’s Married and Looking for an Affair – She may not be satisfied with what she’s got at home, but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna be easy. If she’s not satisfied with the fucking she’s getting from her husband, she wants more of something. She either wants more sex, better sex, or someone better looking and more interesting to have sex with. She has the time, space, and inclination to be choosy.

• She Uses the Words ‘Discreet Relationship’ – Discreet or not, she still used the word relationship. Are you looking for a relationship? HELL NO! YOU WANT A QUICK FLING I didn’t think so. She might say that she’s only looking for sex, but if the rest of her language indicates otherwise, she’s probably not being entirely up front about what she wants. If she has even a subconscious flicker of desire for a relationship, she’s not going to give it up for just anyone.

• She Can’t Find a Decent Guy to Hook Up With in Real Life – She just told you she’s picky. Especially if she’s not bad looking. The truth is, except for women who are morbidly obese or seriously ugly, any woman can get laid. If she isn’t getting laid and she doesn’t fit into one of those two categories, it’s because she won’t fuck a guy that doesn’t meet her high standards.

It might take a bit of practice, so keep this fling guide as a cheat sheet when you’re looking at profiles in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to tell within seconds of looking at woman’s profile how quickly you can get her into bed. Once you perfect the game of sniffing out vulnerability, join 2 or more of our approved fling sites, you’ll be able to contact a woman and get laid by the next day EVERY SINGLE TIME!

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