Chapter #5 – Spotting Fake, Scammer & Extortionist Fling Profiles

Step-#5Fling sites are full of fake profiles and dating scams. Beyond the annoyance of wasting your time, some of them can cause you a whole lot more pain than a case of blue balls. If you’re going to have any luck with finding a fling, you have to be able to spot the fakes and scammers and avoid them like the plague. A best case scenario (and it is far from good) if you don’t know how to spot these con artists is that you will waste precious time on fake profiles when you could be hooking up with real women. The worst case scenarios end with you wasting hundreds of dollars on a woman who doesn’t actually exist.

The Harmless but Annoying Fake Fling Profile

Most fake profiles are of the more harmless variety. They’re set up by the casual dating website (such as the ones we recommend you avoid) to make you think they have dozens of hot women just dying to screw you. When you sign up for a casual dating site and most of the women have a perfect 10 porn star look, you can bet that they aren’t real and that you just wasted your membership fee. You can avoid this by sticking with the tested sites, where you will find plenty of real women who are pretty, but most of them will be in the 6-8 range, not supermodels. Remember, if you don’t want to pay to look at fake profiles, your best bet is to go with the sites that proactively fight the practice.

These are the only casual dating/Fling sites we found in our extensive research that didn’t engage in the practice of creating fake profiles.

Avoiding the Scammers and Extortionists

In order to avoid the worst dangers of fling dating websites, you need to know how to spot the profiles of people who are going to try to take your money. Pay attention. These are the things that will keep you from getting robbed blind!

Types of Con Artists You’ll Encounter

• Escorts and Hookers – There are tons of hookers and escorts on sites geared at finding casual sex and flings. Luckily, they are easy to spot. If all she talks about in both her profile and her private conversations with you are the sexual favors she will do for you, she’s in it for money. Real women looking to hookup may talk about the things they’d like to do to you, but bet your ass that they’ll also talk about what they want you to do for them. Hookers are all about you. The other thing to be wary of is a woman who wants to suck your cock without getting to know you online first. Most women are cautious and want to get to know a guy a bit first in order to feel safe. The hooker doesn’t because she just wants your money, and she’ll probably have a pimp nearby for protection.

• Exotic Beauties from Foreign Lands – Gorgeous women from faraway places can seem exciting. In fact, they can seem so exciting that some men are stupid enough to wire them money so they can fly to the U.S. to fulfill their dream of fucking an American man. Hint: The only place they fly is away with your money.

• Sob Stories and Promises – If a woman feeds you a sob story about how she has just left an abusive marriage and would love to come meet you, but her husband took off with all of their money or any other variation of something tragic, be on guard. Some con artists know how to play on men’s sympathies with a combination of a tragic backstory and flattery about how she is just dying to come fuck you, but hasn’t got a dime. In some cases they even add on a promise about how they’ll be able to pay you back for all or part of the travel expenses within a week or two. It’s b.s.

Do Not Joing Any Fling Sites Until You See This List


See it Coming and Head the Other Direction

If you see any of these signs, you can be sure that you’re not looking at a real profile. This will make it easy to avoid getting scammed in your quest to get laid.

• Porn stars and Super Models – If she looks too good to be true, she is. Stay away from the perfect tens. Shoot for the sexy 6, 7, and even 8 girls. The perfect 10s are certainly a fake fling profile!

• Vague Profiles – Real women like to talk. If her profile is incredibly vague about where she is located or who she is and what she likes to do, it isn’t a real woman.

• All About Your Pleasure – Women on these sites who are real are looking for pleasure. If she only talks about what she can do for you, she’s either not real or her sexual favors come with a price tag.

• Asking for Money Before You’ve Met – This is the biggest RED FLAG. Never, ever, ever give your money to someone you haven’t met. You will only be screwed in the sense that you will be out every dime. No beautiful babe will be showing up at the airport to give you the ride of your life.

It’s pretty simple. Avoid women who seem too good to be true and don’t send money to women you haven’t met. If you do that, you’re covered. Now that you know, you can relax and enjoy finding real fuck buddies to have fun with.

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