Chapter #4 – Foolproof Strategy, Use Multiple Fling Dating Sites

Step-#4The fastest way to find a fling and to have more than one potential hookup at the ready any time you feel like fucking is to sign up for a minimum of two casual dating sites. If you’re worried about the cost, do the math and you’ll see that the monthly fees for these sites breaks down to being a hell of a lot cheaper than hitting the bars every week. How much money have you spent on drinks and still gone home without getting any? Put it in perspective, and joining multiple casual sex sites is a steal.

Why You Need to Join More Than One Hookup/Fling Site

Assuming that the reason you’re joining a fling dating site is to get laid quickly and often, the more sites you join, the greater your chances are of making that happen. Two is the bare minimum, but your best case scenario is to join three or four sites simultaneously.

• Competition is Fierce – Competition on fling dating sites is fierce. If a chick is cute, you’re not going to be the only guy going after her. If you’ve got more than one site to work with, your chances of scoring with a woman you actually want to get it on with will go up dramatically.

• More Sites = More Women to Choose From – If you’ve ever fucked someone you weren’t actually attracted to, you’ll know that it can be kind of a downer. Most women only sign up for one casual dating or fling sites, so by joining multiples, your profile will be seen by more women. That means that you won’t have to settle for the only chick willing to screw you on one website. Instead, you can cruise over to another to check out the options.

• Build a Booty Call Team – A lot of dudes get lazy and stop looking once they’ve found a fuck buddy they like. This is just about the worst thing you can do. Ok, sure, it’s great that you found a cute girl who knows how to fuck. But what happens when she loses interest in you? Or if she’s out of town and you’re horny as hell? It’s way better to have lots of options on speed dial. The more sites you join, the more numbers you’ll have to dial when an urgent blow job is in order and your first choice doesn’t come through.

• When a Date Goes Wrong, You’ll Have a Backup Plan – Not every date is going to end in hot sex. If you go on a first date and find out that the chick posted a picture that was ten years old and thirty pounds lighter, or if she takes one look at you and laughs before heading for the door, it’s gonna sting. But nothing takes the sting out of disappointment like ending the night by having hot sex with someone else. There are many, many reasons to take the booty call team approach, but this is one of the best.


Spend Your Money in the Right Places

$30-40 a month is only a steal for a fling dating site if you’re actually having hot sex on a regular basis as a result. So many of the sites out there are scams that if you choose the wrong ones, you might as well just light that money on fire and enjoy the flickering ambiance while you jerk off alone. For the real steals, stick with the sites that have proven track records for doing what they promise.

These are the only casual dating fling sites that have proven track records for successful hookups. Don’t throw your money away. Go where the real sex happens!

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