Chapter #3 – Pick the Right Picture and You’re Ahead of 99% of the Other Guys

Step-#3When you’re using casual dating sites to get laid, one of the single most important things you can do to increase your chances of scoring is using the right photo. No matter where you think you fall on the attractiveness scale, the fact is that without choosing pictures that portray you in the best possible light, you aren’t going to find a fling. Despite claims that they don’t, women care about looks. They also care about a whole lot of other things they can pick up on from your pictures.

Don’t Go There, Dude (Everything You Shouldn’t Post in a Profile Pic)

If you want to figure out what makes you attractive to women in a picture, the first things to do is eliminate all of the things that make you unattractive to them. A lot of guys go full-on idiot when they upload pictures to a fling site. These are the mistakes they are making that you shouldn’t.

• Cock Close-Ups – First of all, there aren’t a whole lot of guys who are hung like Ron Jeremy. Unless you are, what are women supposed to do? Be in awe of your average dick? No. Put it away. Second of all, even if you are sporting a brag-worthy package, let her discover that in person. Women don’t think the same as men. She’s going to be instantly turned off if she sees your cock before she’s seen a clear picture of your face.

• Drunken Frat Boy – You might think that you look cool when you’re totally shit faced and throwing up the deuces or licking invisible ass cheeks, but women will think you look like an immature asshole. Grow up. Save those pictures for your buddies, not a hookup or fling site.

• Showing Off the Body You Don’t Have – Unless you have a total gym body, shirtless pictures of you flexing don’t look sexy. If you’re scrawny or have a beer gut, it actually makes you look pathetic. Keep your shirt on, and pick a nice one.

• Group Shots – It’s all about you, dude. She doesn’t care about what your friends look like. Plus, what if she thinks your buddy is more attractive than you? If you’ve got chicks in your photos it’s even worse. Play it safe and stick to shots that are just you.

If you’re thinking that most of the guys you see on casual dating and fling sites do these things, you’re right. This is good news for you. It means that if you don’t, you’re already a step closer to standing out as more attractive to women than them.

Find a Fling by Using the Right Pictures to Make Chicks Want to be Your Fuck Buddy

You’re using casual dating sites because you want to get laid, right? Of course you are! We don’t have to know what you look like to know that you can find fuck buddies by following some simple tips about the types of pictures you’re posting. Go grab your camera, put on a nice outfit, and get ready to take some pics that will attract the chicks.


How to Take a Good Picture

• Light Quality – Be sure to take pictures in an area that has good natural light. Too much sun and you’ll have glare, not enough light and you’ll have to use flash and you’ll end up with a case of scary red-eye.

• Camera Quality – Don’t use a crappy phone camera. Use a high quality digital camera so that your shots will be clean and crisp.

• Enlist Help – Selfies are for teenage girls. You’ll end up looking ridiculous if you try to take your own pictures. Have a friend help you.

• Keep Going Until You Get It Right – If you don’t think you look good, chances are high that no woman will, either. Don’t surrender to “good enough” and use pictures where you’re blinking or making a weird face. A little patience now will mean less waiting to get laid once you post your pictures.

These Are the Pictures to Use

• Use the very best picture for the first one she will see. This is the virtual way to make a good first impression.

• Include a mix of nice, clear close-ups of your face and some shots that show your whole body (not naked!). This will let women see what you really look like so they don’t feel duped when they meet you in person.

• Use at least one or two action shots. If you have a cool hobby like skydiving, whitewater rafting, or anything else that is adventurous and makes you look interesting.

• Provide a nice variety. Including around ten pictures is optimal. Too few and it isn’t interesting for the women, but too many more than that and you start to seem arrogant and full of yourself.

It’s simple. It’s just that since not many guys are abiding by the simple rules, they will provide you with a major edge in meeting and hooking up with woman on fling sites.

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