Chapter #2 – Writing a Killer Profile Geared Towards Finding a Fling

Step-#2When you’re hoping to find a fling, you’ve got to have a killer profile. This is your first impression, and if your profile sucks, you’re not going to get a chance to make a second. If you want to get laid, you need to portray yourself in the best possible light. This means using proper grammar, being interesting, and most importantly, clear about who you are, what you’re looking for, and what you have to offer.

Come Across as Confident (Whether or Not You Are)

Confidence is sexy. To most women, a lack of self-confidence is a huge turn-off. You’re not trying to make someone fall in love with you. You’re trying to get someone to meet you for a hookup. That means you need to avoid looking like a sap or someone who isn’t going to have the confidence to take control in the bedroom in order to give her an unforgettable sexual experience. If you aren’t confident, fake it. Here are some surefire ways to come across as someone who is solid and sure of themselves.

• Avoid Putting Yourself Down – Do not say anything, no matter how small, that is negative about yourself. Every last adjective you use to define yourself should be positive.

• Be Funny as Hell – This shows that you are confident without making you come across as an arrogant jerk. Work some humor into your profile, because women looking for a sex buddy are looking for fun.

• Look Like You Have a Life – You don’t have to ramble on and on about the ins and outs of your daily life, but do try to include a few hobbies and interests. The women you’re going after are the ones who want to have sex with you, not build a relationship. That being said, no one is going to want to fuck you if you don’t come across as having a life outside of your casual dating profile and watching porn.

Key Components of Your Killer Fling Profile

Be Sexy, Not Sleazy
In other words, don’t rock out with your cock out. It’s good to give a tasteful description of what you’re hoping for in a hookup, but don’t get too nasty. Save the truly dirty talk for private conversations, when it seems appropriate. You don’t have to reveal everything all at once. Leaving a bit to the imagination is sexier than baring it all right up front.

Don’t Just Talk About What You Want
No one likes being with a selfish sex buddy. Let the ladies know that you love to give as much as you like to receive. Hint at the fact that you have mad skills and enjoy practicing them.

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Don’t be Unrealistically Picky
If you give an incredibly detailed description of all of the physical and personality traits you find to be sexy, chances are high that you won’t get many responses. Sure, the chicks reading your profile would probably love it if you looked like Brad Pitt, but unless you do, don’t expect to find Angelina Jolie.

Profile Examples of What Works

After sifting through thousands of profiles to see which ones are working for casual dating site users, I came up with a couple of profiles “about me” that work to get responses from women. When creating yours profile follow a similar process as the following

Example #1 – Let’s have some fun! If you work as hard as I do all week, by the time Saturday rolls around you probably want to let it all go with something a little more pleasurable. If you love to laugh and enjoy a guy who gives as well as he gets, let’s meet for a drink.

Example #2 – Competitive surfer would like to take a break from the waves to compete for the title of, “Most Fun You’ve Ever Had in One Night.” I’m a giver by nature, and I love to be the best at anything I try. I’m never satisfied until I’ve given my all to anything I do. Hit me up and we’ll see if I can live up to my own standards!”

You’ll notice that both of these guys appear confident without sounding like jerks. Both of them talk about loving to have fun, and they both make it clear that they enjoy pleasuring women. They also both hint at sex without saying anything too explicit or crass. This is how it’s done if you want to entice real women to respond to your profile.

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