Chapter #1 – How to Recognize and Avoid Fling Dating Scams

Step-#1Casual dating can be a lot of fun. While the actually hookup is what most of us are in it for, the process of creating a profile, looking for attractive women, and chatting with them online create a lot of anticipation and build up that can make the sex even better when you finally meet for your fling. Of course what you’re hoping for is to meet horny chicks who are on the hunt for casual sex, and most of them are. However, there are a lot of people who use these sites to hunt for desperate guys to scam out of money, too. There are several ways to make sure that you don’t get screwed in more than the way you’re hoping for.

Common Hookup Scams

Fake Profile Fling Site Scams
Does she look like a porn star? Is her profile all about how she wants to get you off without anything about her? “She” doesn’t exist! Unscrupulous dating sites pay people to create fake profiles with stolen pictures to make it look like they have hundreds of horny, hot babes looking for sex. You’ll spend most of your time on these sites emailing chicks that aren’t there, and you’ll never get a reply.

Yahoo Messenger and Other Chat Scams
It can be flattering when some hot chick pops up on your fling dating site and tells you that you’re the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, and she absolutely must chat with you on Yahoo Messenger. Well, it would be flattering if it was actually a woman and not a robot. Once you get on Messenger, you’ll get a link leading you to her (fake) profile on another dating site.
“I Need Money to Come Get You Off” Scams

If some sexy woman starts chatting you up, claiming to be from another city and dying to come get you off, be wary. If she asks you to send money to her so she can come suck your cock, she’s never gonna show up. You’ll send your money via Western Union or some other method, and you’ll never hear from her again.

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There are No Perfect Tens on Fling Dating Sites
We’re not saying you can’t hook up with some very good looking women on fling dating sites. You totally can. There’s a difference between pretty and perfect, though. If she has a super model face and a porn star body, be wary. Women who are perfect tens can’t leave their house without having men falling all over them. She doesn’t need to pay for a dating site to get fucked. This can end up being a number of things, from a bored person playing around and setting up a fake profile for laughs to a private investigator trying to catch you in the act. Or, it is one of the scams listed above. Bottom line: Don’t ever go after the perfect looking girls. They are never real.

Choosing the Right Casual Dating Sites
If you want to dodge the con artists entirely, the best way to do it is to choose the right fling dating sites. By choosing from sites that have taken measures to protect their members, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle. Of all of the sites out there, the ones who do the best job of this are:

Go with a reputable site and you can ensure that your fun encounters don’t end in a nightmare where you take it up the ass without any lube. Unless you’re into that.

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