Chapter #8 – The First Date – Increase Your Chances Of Having A Fling

Step-#8You’re on a fling site because you want to get laid. Everyone knows it, so why we play stupid games by going to dinner or a movie without trying to set up a first date score is a mystery. Look, if a girl is on a casual sex site, she absolutely will put out on the first date if you play your cards right. If not, she’d be on a site like looking for a traditional relationship.

So formulate your game plan and put it into action. Nine times out of ten, you’ll be able to hook up with a girl on the first date if you plan the setting and the situation correctly.

The Where, How, and When of First Dates Geared for Sex

• A bar with large boots or comfortable couches is ideal for your first date. It gives you a chance to get close and flirt in a relaxing environment she will not feel any pressure.

• Choose a bar that isn’t more than fifteen minutes away from your place or wherever you plan to go for sex. When it’s time to head that direction, you don’t want it to take long.

• While a quiet bar is the best for talking and putting her at ease, one with a dance floor can work to your advantage, too. You can easily touch her and turn the mood towards the physical if you get her on the dance floor.

• Earlier in the evening is better. You don’t want her to be tired or drunk. While a little booze will loosen her up, to much and it will turn from a hookup date to a listen to her cry about her problems and holding her hair while she hurls her guts out date. You should stay sober, and try to keep her occupied enough that she doesn’t have more than a couple of drinks.

• Don’t waste too much time. You can probably get her to come home with you in half an hour if you’re good. An hour is optimum. An hour and a half is pushing it. Do not go longer than this before you ask her to go back to your place.

Do Not Joing Any Fling Sites Until You See This List

Remember, the best way to get a chick to relax enough to have a fling with you is to be relaxed and confident yourself. Make her laugh, compliment her, and ask questions about her. These things will build a sense of ease and familiarity that will help you get her in bed. Be sure to reveal a little bit about yourself, too. She’ll feel like she knows you and that will help her let down her guard. When you start doing first dates like this, every first date can lead to sex.

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