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On October 7, 2013
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Ranked #3 Fling Dating Site! We got fantastic results on Sexfinder - and definitely recommend this site for finding flings

Sexfinder Review | Try Socialsex For Free!

Sexfinder is one of the largest and easiest to use fling dating sites on the web. This casual dating site goes above and beyond for providing an easy to use platform to help you hookup with hot women for great sex. With an enormous user base and a minimum of fake profiles, the chances for getting laid quickly are exponentially higher than those offered by most sites. In our five point review, only two other sites performed higher than, and when you consider the number of casual dating sites out there, you know that this means it is pretty damn good! Not only are there more real women on than on most of the other casual dating sites, we found no shortage of good looking chicks. Sure there’s a mix, and that’s cool, because everyone has different taste. But on some sites the only pretty faces you’ll find are those on the fake profiles, and the rest will be… less than appealing. It was refreshing to find so many real women who were attractive in one place.Because so many of the contacts we made resulted in actual hookups with a very quick turnaround and we experienced literally no hassles with the site, it was a clear choice for our #3 pick!

What to Expect From Sexfinder

1. Features – The advanced search features on allow you to broaden or narrow your search criteria in whatever ways you prefer. This means that you can cast a wide net to find more women to fuck, or you can tighten it up and choose to view only those that most closely align with your strongest preferences. People use for everything from locating swingers in their area, to affairs with married women, one-time hookups, or fuck buddies who want to set up a situation for ongoing casual sex. A quick glance of the locations of users makes it clear that no matter where you live, your chances of finding what you are looking for are high. The answer to the question, Does Sexfinder Work is a restounding YES!

2. Ease of Use – While there was a bit more of a learning curve with than with our top two picks, it was still pretty simple. Within a few minutes of exploring the site and using its features, we had it totally figured out. You don’t have to be tech savvy to navigate this layout, so rest assured that even if you’ve never been on a casual dating site before, you’ll have the hang of it in no time! With the site so easy to use there is no question why Sexfinder gets such a positive review

3. Size of Member Base – The member base on Sexfinder is massive. It offers the mother load when it comes to options in any geographical location you can think of. The website updates its numbers every twenty-four hours, so you’ll always be able to see an accurate count of how many people belong to the site at any given time. During our review, there were over forty-six million active members. Let that sink in. Forty. Six. Million. If you can’t get laid on, you can’t get laid anywhere. Due to the sheer number of users, we did encounter a few false profiles, but is one of the best in the industry for searching their member’s profiles for fakes and pulling them down. The good news was that there were so many real women to choose from that this didn’t ruin the experience. The fakes were easy to spot and avoid, and the profiles we thought were real all turned out to be women who actually were looking for casual sex. The best part was response time. We got a lot of responses with a quick turnaround between initial contact on the website to actually meeting in person for sex. Another great thing we noticed about right away was that unlike some casual sex sites, there were plenty of women there who were actually attractive. The sexual encounters our testers had were all with women we would consider to be good looking, ranging anywhere from 6-8 on a scale of one to ten.

Sexfinder Review | Try Socialsex For Free!

4. Safety – Overall, we were really happy with the safety features that employs. Your information is secured for both social privacy and financial peace of mind, and your risk of falling prey to con artists is very low because of the measures takes to keep them off the site. They take their members’ safety seriously, and it shows by the policies and procedures they have in place to ensure that you can let down your guard and focus on getting it on. You’re probably less safe at your local bar than you are hooking up on

5. Prices and Payment Details – Sexfinder is an inexpensive way to hookup for a fling. At $29.99 a month, it is probably quite a bit less than you would spend on one night at a nightclub. The site uses trusted 3rd party payment processors, and the change will show up as Melody on your bank statement. Think about it, if you pay a cover fee and buy drinks, you can easily blow more than a hundred bucks for a few hours in a club, and your chances of scoring are fairly low. Even if you do, you’re only going to hookup with one woman for that price. For less than a third of that, you can have a full month of making contacts with tons of women for booty calls. Unlike the bar scene, all of the women on Sexfinder are there to find a fling!. You won’t have to worry about offending a woman who just wants to dance when you try to get in her pants, because all of these chicks are as horny as you are. It’s the only reason they paid for a membership!

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