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On October 7, 2013
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Rated #1 Site For finding Flings! SocialSex comes highly recommended! If you're looking for a great fling experience this is the site for you.

Socialsex Review | Try Socialsex For Free!

The popularity of casual dating and fling websites is reaching all-time highs and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. That means that for users of sites like SocialSex, your options for hookups are increasing at a fast and furious pace. If you’re looking for no strings sex with a fling, this is very good news. SocialSex has become so popular that you will find literally millions of users looking for a good time, all in one place. The profiles contain pictures and sexual proclivities, making it easier than ever to find the people who interest you. As a member of Socialsex, It won’t take long for you to meet hot women who are DTF, and your booty call list will grow and grow the longer you use this service. Socialsex clearly stands above the crowd and is our #1 ranked site for finding a fling.

What to Expect From Social Sex

1. Fantastic Features – SocialSex has a clean, easy to navigate design that makes finding hookups as easy as can be. It is idiot proof, so if you’re not tech savvy, you don’t have to worry that you’ll waste a lot of time trying to get the hang of using the site. You’ll be able to dive right in and start meeting women. So many casual dating sites are frustrating to use because they are poorly designed and full of ads, but SocialSex is designed to cater to the people who are there looking for hookups, not advertisers, so you won’t have to deal with this annoyance.

Of all of the fling sites out there, offers the best profile layout I’ve yet to see. They offer you a lot of information without the extra filler. Their knack for presenting a fair amount of information in a succinct way is impressive. This makes it so much easier to find women you’re actually interested in, and their comparison chart lets you gauge compatibility at a glance. You’ll find everything from personal interests to preferred sex acts, ensuring that you end up with the kinds of girls you’ll have fun with.

When you find a woman you want to talk to, you can contact her via instant message or email, so whichever you prefer, you have options. If by some chance you end up talking with or hooking up with a chick that seems a little crazy, you have the option of blocking them. On each profile, they also have a private note section that is only visible to you, so you can log your contacts, keep track of who was a good lay and who was awful in bed, etc… All of these features have made SocialSex my favorite casual dating site, and as you will learn from this Socialsex review, its legit!

2. Ease of Use – As I mentioned, SocialSex is idiot proof. The step by step process is clearly outlined, so as you complete each part, there is no question about where to go or what to do next. When you’re looking for a quick and dirty hookup, you don’t want to get bogged down in technical details, and this is one site where you can be assured that you won’t have a steep learning curve before you get started. Reasons like this is why Socialsex works at finding you flings!

3. Size of Member Base – This is yet another area where stands out from the other fling sites. There are millions of real members, not a bunch of fake profiles to create the illusion of choice where there is none. It’s also worth noting that more than any other casual sex site I’ve found, the number of women compared to the number of men is excellent. Since you’ll want to contact a whole lot of women in order to increase your chances of finding the ones that will lead to hot sex, this is very good news.

Socialsex Review | Try Socialsex For Free!
4. Superior Safety – SocialSex is one of the safest fling sites you will come across. This is because they go out of their way to scan profiles and delete the con artists and scammers who are out to rip you off. They weed out the escorts, hookers, and scumbags who try to lure men to send them money, so you can relax and enjoy the experience without worrying that some pimp is going to break your kneecaps if you show up for a hookup and won’t pay his girl for a blow job. They also have a secure site that protects against your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

5. Prices/Payment Details – SocialSex utilizes a few different third party billing companies to handle credit card processing. If discretion is important to you, you’ll be relieved to know that your credit card statement will not give away where you’ve been spending your money. Look for the company names Epoch,,, and Webbilling. All four of these companies have been in business for many years and are reputable, so you won’t have to worry about anyone unscrupulous getting ahold of your card information. Another reason I give SocialSex such a positive review is their rates. First of all, they’ll let you try it out for three days for just a buck, so you can be sure that you’re actually going to be meeting real women and hooking up for sex before you commit to anything. That alone shows that they’re confident that you’re going to find sex on their site. If you decide to sign on, you can still cancel at any time if you aren’t totally satisfied, but trust me, you’re going to be satisfied. It’s a steal at less than $30 bucks every 30 days. also has a “Hookup Guarantee” If you do not meet and hook up with a girl on social sex within the first 30 days of your membership you will receive a full refund with a simple call to there 24/7 customer service number.

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