saucydates-reviewWhen I first heard about being a totally free fling dating site, I was skeptical. I’ve heard that before, and there are always hidden fees to make the site usable once you start the registration process. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they are true to their word in this regard, but unfortunately, the free factor was both the first and last pleasant surprise I found there. In some cases you really do get what you pay for, and is worth precisely their price of admission.

First of all, their member base is miniscule, so your chances of finding people located nearby are very low right from the start. Given that there may be absolutely nobody in your area, if you do get lucky and find a few people in the vicinity, what are the chances that you’re both going to find each other attractive enough to want to meet for sex? The odds are incredibly low. And while we’re talking about finding people attractive, let’s just go ahead and throw it all out on the table. There are very, very few attractive women on this site. The only way that you’re going to be happy with the chicks you find on is if you have a fat fetish or absolutely no standards.

When I scrolled through the profiles of the women on the site, my hopes of getting something for nothing were quickly deflated. I don’t expect a woman to look perfect, not by any means, and I don’t even mind a few extra pounds. I’m not talking about chicks that need to do a little dieting before swimsuit season. I’m talking morbidly obese. The very few women I found on the site who were not incredibly overweight had very unattractive faces, and quite honestly, if I want to settle for that, I’d just go to a bar. In all of my searching, I only found one girl that I found attractive, and she turned out to be a web cam model.

The sites functions are minimal, and the bare bones search feature won’t do a whole lot to help you narrow down your choices to people you’re going to find compatible… Not that you’re going to need much help narrowing it down, because as I already mentioned, there really aren’t very many people on the site to begin with. Plus, they cover their costs with advertising, so there are annoying ads all over the place. I get what they were trying to create, and while it’s cool in theory, there is just no way to make a totally free casual dating site that is fun, easy to use, and actually serves its purpose. Really, the only good thing there is to say about is that at least I didn’t pay for it. It’s a complete waste of time. You’d be much better off paying for a membership fee at a reputable casual sex site to find a hookup. convinced me that the only people you will find on free fling dating sites are the ones who can’t afford to pay for the real deal and are desperate to get laid by anyone. Even if your standards are much lower than mine, you’re probably not going to have a whole lot of luck here. Why waste your time when you can join a site that will actually help you find reasonably attractive women in your area who are down for hot sex for less than the cost of dinner and a movie? Nothing worth having in life is ever free, and proves that casual dating sites are no exception to this rule.

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