Adultsingles-reviewMy experience with was such a train wreck that I don’t even know where to begin. If I would have been paying more attention, I never would have signed up to begin with. The red flags are everywhere that this site is a total scam and a giant waste of money. I feel like an idiot, but I hope that maybe my experience will help other guys avoid wasting their money.

My first sign should have been that one of the featured profiles on the main page was an 80 year old woman from Lithuania. I’m not even shitting you. How many 80 year old women do you know who are looking for random sex with strangers??? Somehow I missed that. What I did notice, and the thing that got me to fork over my cash, was that there appeared to be a fair amount of attractive women and nearly every guy listed looked like a total loser. Yes, I looked at the guys. I have been using casual dating and fling sites for a few years, and I always scope out the competition to estimate my odds of scoring. Given what I found on this site, I thought I’d do pretty well. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The reason that the site has a decent amount of good looking women, even when the guys all look like losers, is because they are all con artists or fakes. After my experience, I’d be surprised if you found even one single real woman looking for no strings sex on this site. Some of the profiles here are totally dead, but most of them are active in the worst possible ways.

Most of the women on are from other countries. They are all there for one of two reasons. A good many of them are involved in some variation of the, “Send me money so I can come to the U.S. to screw you,” scam. I may have been dumb enough to sign up for the site, but I wasn’t stupid enough to fall for that. It’s the oldest trick in the book when it comes to casual sex sites. Given that these profiles comprise at least 70% of the site, it’s pretty clear that is either in on it, or they simply don’t care enough to do anything about the situation.

The women from other countries who aren’t involved in that scam turned out to be web cam girls. In other words, they are just there to get men to go to their site and pay to have cyber-sex with them. Again, no thanks! If I wanted that, I know where to look for it. That’s not why I use casual dating sites.

There are some women listed in the U.S. but it’s just more scams. Some of them are webcam girls, and the rest are all escorts. Your first clue will be when the conversations are super short because they want to meet up with you as soon as possible, and that all they ever want to talk about is the sexual favors they will do for you. If you’ve spent much time on hookup sites, you know that this is not the norm for girls looking for casual sex. If not, be forewarned, all of the chicks who do this are going to expect money for sex. They’re in it for business, not a mutual good time.

In a full month on, I didn’t score once. My membership never led to even a single in person meeting, and I wasted precious time searching through scam profiles that I could have spent getting laid elsewhere. If you’re considering finding a fling with an online casual dating service, go somewhere else. The sad truth is that your chance of finding local hookups on this site is zero.

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