When Do Women Crave Casual Sex?

When-Do-Women-Crave-Casual-SexIf you ask most guys when they crave casual sex, the answer will almost always be… always. It’s just how we’re wired. If you’re wondering if there’s a difference with women, the answer is yes, no, and sometimes. How’s that for confusing? When it comes to casual sex, there seems to be a lot more variability from one woman to the next than you’ll find between men. Here are some of the common situations in which women crave casual sex.

She’s Going Through a Breakup

This one seems to be nearly universal. Almost all women seek out casual sex when they are recovering from lost love. There can be a lot of reasons for this. If the dude cheated on her, it might be revenge sex. If he dumped her, it might be because she’s feeling unattractive and wants to prove to him or herself that other men think she’s sexy. Regardless of the reason for the breakup or who initiated it, she might want to have random sex just to take her mind off of the situation and to have some fun. Listen to Beyonce’s song Irreplaceable. There’s a good reason that song was immediately so popular with women. It resonated, because they’ve all been there. The reason doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you should know that women going through breakups are usually ready to go when it comes to hooking up.

She’s Bored in Her Committed Relationship

A lot of women start seeking casual sex when they’re bored in their committed relationship. If a woman is complaining a lot about her husband or boyfriend, chances are high that if she’s not already looking for a fling, she will be soon. This can happen because he’s having an affair, he’s just no good in bed, or he’s been working long hours and hasn’t had time for her. Again, don’t get too hung up on what’s going on within her marriage. Just focus on the fact that if she’s grumbling about her guy, she’s probably going to be fairly easy to get in bed.

She’s Too Busy for a Committed Relationship

The idea that the only women who go after casual sex are ditzy bimbos needs to disappear, stat. If these are the women you’ve been targeting for flings, you’re missing out on an entire subset of women who are having a lot of casual sex. Women who love their careers and work long hours at high-powered jobs, along with those who are students in demanding grad school programs, are much more likely to be seeking no strings sex. In fact, a recent study showed that Ivy League students have more casual sex than those attending less demanding colleges. None of these women have time for relationships, because their first priority is building their career. This doesn’t mean that their sexual desires have left the building, though. They might not have time to fall in love and nurture a bond, but most of them will find the time for a booty call.


She Is Wired To Love Casual Sex

While these ladies might seem to be rarer than the other types of women seeking casual sex, it could very well be that a lot of what we assumed about the differences between men and women surrounding sex were based more on societal norms, double standards, and shame than anything else. As the stigma is lifting, more and more women are becoming open about the fact that they enjoy having lots of sex with lots of different men without having to say, “I do,” or even, “I love you.” This is fantastic news for guys looking for a fling, as it means that there are more women who are ready and willing to cut to the chase and head to bed with you without expecting to be your one and only.

All of these tips will go a long way towards helping you find a hookup in your daily life. You can also use casual dating sites to find women who are looking for casual sex. They might be there for any of the reasons above, or some combination of those reasons. Regardless, they all sign up for these sites for the same reason; they want to get laid without looking for a love match. The best way to build up your list of sex buddies is to use (our top fling sites) to find women who are DTF, along with knowing these signs so you can spot women who are ready for a fling in your everyday life. Once you know where to look and who to approach, you’ll be able to find more opportunities for casual sex than you can handle. It’s a pretty fantastic problem to have.

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