What Women Find Sexy In A Fling

What-Women-Find-Sexy-In-A-FlingIt doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to find a fling or whether you’ve already got a sex buddy and you’re hoping to keep the spark alive, it’s important to know what traits a woman finds sexy in a guy when it comes to casual sex or a fling. If you’re thinking entirely about looks, you’re thinking like a guy. Here’s what women say is hot when it comes to flings.

It’s All in Your Head

For women, sexy is mainly a state of mind. Women love confident men. Let’s look at some famous guys who do quite well with the ladies. Lyle Lovett, Mick Jagger, Prince have all been around for long enough that we can’t attribute their sex appeal to being because they’re newly famous, and therefore hot, no matter what they do. We also can’t really attribute the women falling at their feet to their looks. Neither Lyle Lovett nor Mick Jagger have great looking faces. Prince is scrawny; he’s really short and has a skinny, wiry body that isn’t very muscular. So what is it? They all drip confidence. All three of them swagger, and when they speak, they sound fully self-possessed and sure of themselves. Women throw themselves at these men, and it’s no accident. Fame and fortune aside, we all have that one buddy who is nothing special to look at, yet always has hot girls. We can bet money that he exudes confidence.

Funny is a Close Second

All women love a guy who can make them laugh, and this seems to be doubly as important when we’re talking about flings. When a woman is having a fling, she’s in it for the fun of it. It isn’t about love. It’s about feeling good. Sex feels good. Laughing feels good. If you are able to give her both, chances are high that she’s going to keep coming back for more. If you’ve ever hooked up with a girl who is great in bed and has a fierce sense of humor, you know that this combination can feel like striking gold. How many dudes have a crush on Tina Fey? Probably about as many women who watch the Colbert report and get a little bit swoony. Funny is sexy. Period.

A Sense of Adventure Keeps Things Fresh With Your Fling

If sex with your fling has fallen into a routine, it’s time to shake things up. If you always have sex at your place on Wed afternoons, and you know exactly how it is going to go because you always do the exact same things in the same order, she’s going to get bored and start looking for a new hookup. Having sex in different places, at different times, and trying new sex acts will go a long way towards keeping things as fun and fresh as they were the first time you got it on. Most women crave variety when it comes to sex, and the more you can expand your sexual repertoire, the more likely it is that both of you will have fun. If you’re feeling short on ideas, get her to share her fantasies with you and see if you can make some of them come true.


Ask Her What She Finds Sexy

If you’re worried that this will sound lame, don’t stress. It won’t. Women love being asked about their opinions and preferences. This is true from the time you make first contact on a fling dating site all the way through every phase of your fling. She’ll be flattered that you cared enough to ask, and she’ll probably give you plenty of material to work with in order to keep the sexy in your sex life. Dialogue about such things, in and of itself, is foreplay for a lot of women. You don’t have to make it a big, heavy conversation. Be flirtatious and playful in your questioning, and you’ll get serious information to make yourself more appealing. Take mental notes of every conversation like this you ever have with a woman because what you learn from one may very well help you out with the next girl you have a fling with, too. If you pay attention, before long you’ll be an expert on women and will be able to help out your clueless friends about what makes women tick when it comes to casual sex.

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