What A Girls Bedroom Says About Her

What A Girls Bedroom Says About HerIf you have the opportunity to see a girl’s room before you decide to date her, you just might want to take her up on it. There are a lot of things that a girl’s room can say about who she is. Not only is it a great way to get a feeling for her cleanliness and organizational skills, there are other things, that what she does with a room, can tell you about who she is, and what her personality is like. If you want to know what she is all about, check out these things to see if they give you a clue about what you are getting yourself into.

The walls
The type of pictures or paintings that she has on the wall can tell you a lot about her. If she has pictures galore of herself, you can probably guess that she is a little impressed by herself. Not many people like to see themselves staring back at them. If she has pictures adorning her walls of various pictures of “me” you can probably assume she is a little narcissistic. If her wall looks more like a collage of her life then you can make the assumption that she is more of the sentimental type. Not letting go of anything, and placing it around her, can give you a heads up that she is a person who is very sensitive.

If she has famous painting or drawings, you can surmise that she is probably smart and cultured. There is also a difference in the way that she displays things. If everything is perfectly framed you can assume that she is somewhat of a neat freak, if it is pasted to the wall with bubble gum, she is probably more of a fly by the seat of her pants type of girl. Finally, be careful of the girl that has pictures of herself with some guy all over. Chances are good that it is an old boyfriend that she can’t seem to let go of, or just broke up with. That may not be a situation you want to get into.

The shelves
The type of books that she reads also says a lot about her. If she is into literature she is probably more of the serious type, if she has chick flick books all over, she is probably a romantic, and if she has 50 Shades of Grey, you can guess what she is into. The type of books that she reads and the ones that she keeps out for display can tell you exactly what she is into and how she spends her spare time.

Hidden away
I am not suggesting that you start to snoop around the place, but if she excuses herself to head to the bathroom you may want to get a glimpse of what is lurking under the bed. Either you are going to find a couple of dust bunnies, which can indicate that she isn’t such a good cleaner, or you may find the real key to what she is hiding. Sometimes you can find boxes that are full of sex toys or other intimate things, other times you can find old love letters. The things that she keeps hidden away are the ones which really tell you what she is about. If she leaves it out for you, it isn’t anything that she wouldn’t tell you about if you just asked. If she keeps it hidden away, chances are good that it is the best clue to the real her that she probably keeps to herself.

Just like what your room is like says a lot about you, what a girl’s room is filled with says volumes about who she is at heart. There are things that she will put out to make an impression on others and give them the key to who she is, and then there are those things that she will keep hidden from those around. Those things that she has away may actually be the best clue to who she really is at heart.

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