5 Things Your Fling Is Hiding From You

5 Things Your Fling Is Hiding From You

There are many things that women keep secret from us. Some of them are things that we may not want to know, but others are things are ones that would be good for us to find out ahead of time. If you are worried about what your fling is not telling you, you should be. If she isn’t being honest about certain things it can severely affect your future and your livelihood. Some things aren’t all that crucial to know about, while others can make the difference between wanting to continue an affair with her or not. The truth is that almost every fling is lying to you about the following things:

1) Her sexual past
Many women lie to their partners about their sexual past. Every guy wants to have the fantasy of dating the girl next door, but the girl next door didn’t do the entire fraternity house in college. Women are notorious at putting blinders over their sexual past to make themselves look more angelic, and stoic. If she is putting moves on in bed that you have never seen before, or knows things about guys that most women don’t, then you may want to question whether her innocent past claims are real, or a fabricated story of what she wants you to believe. Whatever the truth is, it is always best to protect yourself just in case.

2) Yes, she does fake it
Most women will insist that they absolutely never fake an orgasm. News flash, I have not met one woman yet who hasn’t wanted it over with once or twice and faked an orgasm. They want to make their guy feel powerful and good in bed, so they once in a while will pretend to have a little more pleasure than they are actually having. Sure it is a lie, but if it makes you feel better, and you don’t know the difference, just go with it and live out the fantasy that you are able to satisfy her every time. Unless it is obvious, then it is time for you to work a little harder at getting the big “O” from her.

3) No, you are not the best she’s ever had
It isn’t that you aren’t good at what you do, but there is always going to be a time when she has had better. It isn’t that you aren’t a fantastic lover, but there are all sorts of sexual experiences that may have led to her having better sex in the past. She is no doubt going to tell you that she hasn’t ever had better sex than the sex she has with you. Don’t believe her, she has had better. Maybe not all the time and you may really rock her socks, but she most likely has found better ecstasy in the past so keep trying to one up it no matter what she says.

4) She masturbates
Women become very uncomfortable talking about masturbation. Sure it is something that we guys talk about like it is common knowledge, but just like flatulence, women pretend that they don’t masturbate either. If your fling says that she hasn’t ever used a vibrator, or masturbated, let it go and don’t embarrass her by calling her out on it. The truth is that she has almost assuredly gotten off on her own before. You don’t need her to admit it picturing her doing it is probably enough to turn you on. If you want to make it easier for her to be honest, tell her you would like to watch. That way she can be more comfortable with her own sexual needs and desires feeling like she is doing it to please you.

5) She has a bad temper
If she is playing it like she hasn’t ever broken up badly with an ex before, don’t believe her. Everyone has a bad breakup in their past that led to some ugly behavior. The problem is that you would like to know how ugly. There is a difference between not letting go and really not letting go. You don’t want your fling stalking you after you try to end it. If she says that she hasn’t ever had a bad ending before, proceed with caution; that probably means she is hiding the truth.

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