Signs Your Fling is Keeping You a Secret

A fling, by its very definition, is nothing serious. It is entirely intended for fun and pleasure. For this, and many other reasons, a fling is often kept a secret. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Keeping a fling secret from friends and family indicates nothing more than a respect and requirement for privacy. There […]

Why Soul Mates Don’t Exist But Flings Do

Everyone knows the concept of a soul mate. A soul mate is someone that you are destined to meet. As if the creators of the heaven and earth put you on the planet together to complete each other. Some believe that there is one person out there that is meant to fulfill them. The truth […]

Guys Your Fling Might Leave You For

If you are in the midst of a great fling and worried about the potential of losing it, you may have cause. Many flings don’t last very long. The whole definition of a fling is that it is temporary and that it is all about the pleasure of both partners. Chances are good that if […]

5 Things Your Fling Is Hiding From You

There are many things that women keep secret from us. Some of them are things that we may not want to know, but others are things are ones that would be good for us to find out ahead of time. If you are worried about what your fling is not telling you, you should be. […]

What To Do If You Find Out Your Fling Has A Husband

One of the cardinal rules of a fling is that it is supposed to be casual. The key to maintaining a fling is that you don’t want to know too much about each other. There are some things, however, that will make a difference in your fling experience. That is how it affects the people […]

Sneaky Facebook Status Updates That Leave Your Fling Guessing

If you aren’t on Facebook, you must be living under a rock. Even people living under a rock come up once in a while to post their status. Facebook is both, a blessing and a curse to our generation. There is no such thing as privacy, but then again, there is no such thing as […]

Should You Lie On Your Fling Dating Profile?

There are many moral questions in life. Whether you should lie is only one of them. There are few people who would argue that it is always immoral to lie. Most believe that, at certain times, white lies are acceptable. If you are wondering if it is okay to lie on your dating fling profile, […]