The Fling Dating Double Standard

Despite all of the advances in American society since the countries inception, there remains a double standard between men and women and the way they express sexuality. It isn’t a big surprise to any man born and raised in this country. We have been raised to believe women are softer, gentler creatures to be treated […]

New To Fling Dating? What You Need To Know

There are a multitude of reasons why people venture into the exciting world of fling dating. The reasons change as we grow older but the allure is still there. It isn’t an easy decision. The concept of fling dating is fairly new and so are the rules that have developed with it. There are no […]

Should You Lie On Your Fling Dating Profile?

There are many moral questions in life. Whether you should lie is only one of them. There are few people who would argue that it is always immoral to lie. Most believe that, at certain times, white lies are acceptable. If you are wondering if it is okay to lie on your dating fling profile, […]

Places You Can Hook Up With Your Fling In Public

The thing that makes a fling more exhilarating than just a regular relationship is the thrill of it. A fling is something that you engage in with someone on a whim. Unlike stable, or long term relationships, they are about spontaneity and fun. Part of the fun is that they are naughty by nature. Flings […]

What Women Find Sexy In A Fling

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to find a fling or whether you’ve already got a sex buddy and you’re hoping to keep the spark alive, it’s important to know what traits a woman finds sexy in a guy when it comes to casual sex or a fling. If you’re thinking entirely about looks, you’re […]

How to Go From Friend to Fling

Every guy knows the frustration of finding himself sexually attracted to one of his gal pals and being uncertain about how to move from just friends’ territory into fling. If you’re hoping that you can turn your plain old buddy into a sex buddy, don’t despair. It’s totally possible, and it can be easier than […]