Sneaky Facebook Status Updates That Leave Your Fling Guessing

Sneaky Facebook Status Updates That Leave Your Fling GuessingIf you aren’t on Facebook, you must be living under a rock. Even people living under a rock come up once in a while to post their status. Facebook is both, a blessing and a curse to our generation. There is no such thing as privacy, but then again, there is no such thing as privacy. People being able to pry into our lives, means that you can pry into theirs. It is a trade off. Using Facebook is something you can do to manipulate people. Who would you possibly want to ma-nipulate? Your fling, of course.

What are the ways you can post your status that can leave your fling guessing?

The best thing about a fling is that it is exciting and new. Being playful is the cornerstone of a fling. They are meant to be lighthearted and to get your heart racing. If you want to play games with your fling, and have her more into you, there are things that you can post on your Facebook page to get her attention. Making innuendos, or posting things that she will definitely read into, will have you on her mind constantly. Women are nothing if they aren’t deep thinkers. If she is looking for a sign, everything you post will make her think that you may be talking about her. Try these Facebook posts to have her wanting you even more.

Talk about how hot another girl is
Women are jealous creatures by nature. If you start talking about another girl, she is going to wonder why you are not talking about her. That will make her want to please you. She will want to do whatever it is that the other girl has done to turn your head. Since she won’t know what that is, it will have her doing everything she can. That translates into more pleasure for you.

Talk about a secret crush
If you post that you have a crush on someone, that will drive her wild wondering if you are talking about her. Every girl wants to be the object of desire, especially a secret crush. If you have recently been with her, she will assume that you are talking about her, but the fact you did not mention her by name will keep her in suspense! Women always want what they don’t have, and leaving her guessing will keep her on her toes.

Post your exciting plans
When she reads what a fun time you have planned in the future, she will want in. If she knows that you are going to have an amazing time, it will make her want to be with you. Post details about an upcoming trip, weekend, or concert. Make sure to make it sound as exciting as possible. Avoid any flat out lies here and it can quickly come back to bite you in the butt.

Posting your relationship status as “wide open”
Make sure if you haven’t labeled it already to let everyone know that you are not only single, but that you are actively looking for Mrs. Right. Not only will that get your fling thinking, it will also have every other single woman in the area knocking on your door. What can make a guy look more attractive? Be sure to make your new search known for everyone to see.

Quizzical things
Like I said, women are much deeper thinkers than men. If you post something profound, especially about relationships, it will make her think that you are sending her a secret message. Women are self-centered creatures, or perhaps just hopeful ones. If you make it seem like you aren’t just being arbitrary with some love song lyrics, she will think you are reaching out specifically to her.

Say something “manly”
Women love men who act like men. If you want to get her attention talk about things that are very masculine. Talk about risky things, powerful things, or money. If you tell the world that you just signed the money making deal of a lifetime, or that you are going to be trekking the Himalayas, you will present yourself as a real “guy”. That alone is a turn on to most women.

Say something about your family
A girl loves a guy who loves his family. Women are attracted to guys who are involved in their families and have strong emotional ties to them. Make sure to make it known that you are a family man through and through to make yourself more desirable. Something as simply as posting a “throw back Thursday” photo of you as a baby in your moms arms with a caption, best mom ever, will drive your fling wild!

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