Signs Your Fling is Keeping You a Secret

Signs Your Fling is Keeping You a SecretA fling, by its very definition, is nothing serious. It is entirely intended for fun and pleasure. For this, and many other reasons, a fling is often kept a secret. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Keeping a fling secret from friends and family indicates nothing more than a respect and requirement for privacy. There are men who take offense to this. They feel slighted or that she is ashamed or embarrassed to be seen with him. The other side of the argument is that she digs you and wants you all to herself, or her family and friends are nuts and she’s trying to save you. Either way, you may want to know if she is keeping you and your relationship a secret. There are several tell-tale signs.

She Never Talks About Her Friends

Women bond. They have besties and BFF’s and drink wine and make coffee dates. Consider long-running, popular television shows like Sex in the City, Desperate Housewives and Mistresses. Female friendships are a cultural phenomenon. Some last for decades and outlast many romantic relationships. It is the rare and unusual woman who doesn’t have a group of gal pals she shares the details of her life with. Especially her love life. If she never talks about her friends much less introduces you to them, it’s a sure sign she is keeping the relationship a secret. She also won’t be interested in meeting your friends and family. Winning over friends and family is first and foremost in the mind of every woman who means to stay in a relationship. If your mom likes her, it’s harder to get rid of her, and she knows that. So, if your mom calls and says she’s on the way over with your clean laundry and she’s got her shoes on and looking for her car keys by the time the call ends, she is trying to keep the relationship, or at least her part in it, a secret.


She’s the Lone Ranger in Public

Another sure sign she is keeping your relationship secret is when she avoids you in public. Not obviously, but just politely. She’ll work the other side of the room and cast you a small smile every now and again but not a word. If she does speak to you, it’s like talking to the cashier lady at the office cafeteria. Polite, pleasant, and platonic. Definitely no public displays of affection. No hand holding, no hugging, no touching at all. Her actions go way beyond shy and venture into borderline rude, that is, if anyone knew you knew each other in the first place. There is only one reason she would demonstrate this behavior; she doesn’t want anyone catching on to what you two have been up to. She doesn’t even want anyone to know you know each other, much less sleep together on occasion. If you happen to run into her in a martini bar with her girls and she doesn’t even make eye contact, don’t be surprised.

Social Media Tells the Tale

Social media is used the world over to announce facts about one’s life to the world. From the trivial to the monumental, people post messages on their profiles for other people to see. The advance of social media has seen it make a presence in events from weddings, and births to deaths and murder. There are even social media stalkers who obsessively watch another person’s social media profiles to piece together startlingly accurate portraits of their life. Warnings abound about posting personal information online for the world to access but people still do it. Watch your flings social profiles for hints she is keeping you a secret. Look for where she checks in from and places she visits. Were they dates with you? Look for posts about you or tags to your profile. If all you see is posts about other people and the other parts of her life, she isn’t interested in sharing that information. If you never see your photo in her Instagram feed, she never checks into Facebook on your dates and she won’t follow you back on Twitter, it’s an obvious sign she is keeping your relationship a secret.

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