Signs you have stumbled on a fake fling dating profile

Signs you have stumbled on a fake fling dating profileAnyone who has tried online dating has run into this problem. The fake profile. You may have figured it out from an email scam. They send out a slew of emails in the guise of some hot, female, sexpot on the hunt. They are flattering and exciting and enticing and intentionally so. The sole objective of these emails is to get men like you to become a member of the dating site she supposedly came from. The problem is after the poor sap becomes a member, he can’t find the hot, female sexpot and her emails stop because she is nonexistent. The other way to find a fake fling dating profile is to have the profound misfortune of running across it online in your search for a date. It is incredibly annoying to run across these types of fake profiles and then spend hour upon hour getting to know her to have it finally dawn on you that something fishy is going on. Its time consuming, annoying and can also be dangerous, depending upon the reason for the fake profile to begin with.

There are a few red flags that indicate a fling dating profile is fake. Red flags are little signs on a profile that it wasn’t made by the actual person. Becoming familiar with these little signs, indicators and red flags as well as keeping a sharp eye out for them can save a lot of time, frustration and energy in the long run. One indicator that a profile is fake is if the invitation to connect is made through a third party application or website. Smaller, less reputable dating sites will often pad their websites with fake profiles and send out emails from them. Other companies will disguise themselves as invites from dating sites but actually detour the user to a porn membership site. Another twist on this approach is if the email asks you to check her out at a whole other website. It is best to steer clear of any invites or referrals that come from a third party application or website. Fake profiles can lead to credit card and identity fraud as well as a whole host of other issues. To play it safe and avoid any of the issues that can arise from fake online profiles, make connections only through the dating website itself.

Paying members usually indicate an authentic profile. Unfortunately, most of the free profiles are sex workers trying to make a buck or scam artists of some kind. That isn’t the only way you can tell the fakes, however. But it is a great way to start. Check out her photos. Make sure they all look like the same person and seem to fall in a natural chronological order. Look for signs of photoshopping, cut and paste jobs and watermarked photos. Check out the people on her friends list. Make sure it doesn’t look like a random assortment of human beings from across the globe. Real people tend to have groups of friends in various locations, usually no more than two or three. Also, beware of new accounts. Accounts opened within just a few days of contacting you are fishy, especially if they are sending out a lot of friend requests. If there are tons of people saying “thanks for the add”, you know you got a live one. Another sure profile sign is level of completeness. If a lot of the text boxes are blank and there isn’t much personal information, you may have found a fake. Look instead for full profiles with all the fields filled out with interests, hobbies, location, occupation and etc.

Finding a fake fling dating profile, no matter how it comes about, is always a problem. When it happens, always report it to the website administrators. Remember never to pay for anything, or to give out your financial or personal data. Sadly, there is no way to stop fake profiles. For most of them, it is a job and not a hobby like the men using the site. The only way to avoid them is to keep these signs and red flags in mind and be smart during your online dating experiences.

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