Is Your Fling About To Dump You?

Is Your Fling About To Dump YouWhen it all started out you knew that it wasn’t going to last long. The whole idea of it was to get in, enjoy, and get out. Unfortunately, you now want something more. The fling has turned into something you want for long term, but does she? A quick fling always sounds like a good idea, until you become attached, or realize they are better than what you have. If you want to turn your fling into something more, then you may be worrying that it has outlived its usefulness for her. If you want to know whether your fling is about to dump you, the answer is probably yes. Just having the notion that she is, is usually the sign that it is on the horizon.

How to tell if your fling is going to dump you…

If she has started talking about a time you aren’t going to be together, she is going to dump you. If she has begun to start about another guy, she is going to dump you. So what can you do about it? If you want to preempt her dumping, it is time to start presenting yourself as something more than just a fling. You have to start redefining yourself as something that is worthy of a relationship, not just a one night stand. Even if the agreement was to have a casual thing, it is not out of the question to change her mind.

The best way to win her over is to make yourself so irresistible that she won’t want it to end. You never know, she may feel the same way about you, but be too embarrassed to make the first move. The thing is, someone has to. Either you are going to have to put yourself out there and make a play for her heart, or risk her walking out of your life forever. It is time to decide whether she is worth risking rejection. The truth is if you don’t tell her how you feel, you will most likely be hurt by losing her anyway.

If you want your fling to be more than just a fling, the first step is to make the commitment to end it with any other girls you may be seeing on the side. There are many reasons why you stay with people, whatever the reason, are you prepared to do it for the rest of your life? Your fling may be the person of your dreams, and if you don’t do the right thing, she may be gone forever.

No girl is going to change from being a fling, to anything more, until you leave the other women in your life. It is always a hard thing to do, especially if you are used to having multiple partners. But it definitely can’t be as hard as losing the real love of your life. If you are starting to see that there is the potential for a healthy, fun and loving relationship, what are you waiting for?

In reality, it doesn’t really matter if she is going to dump you now, or sometime in the future. If you are worried about losing her, she isn’t just a fling. A fling is something that you don’t care about. It is a thing that is just for sex, and can be replaced easily. If she is someone you are worried is going to walk, she is not a fling anymore. The moment you let a casual affair become something more, it isn’t just a sexual fling.

It is time to make a decision about whether you are willing to let her walk away. If you are, then maybe it is time to start finding a replacement now. If all you are worried about is losing causal sex, go find someone else. Finding a fling isn’t that difficult. Finding the right woman in your life is. So ask yourself, is she just a fling, or is she something more? Once you have the answer you will know what to do.

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