Why Sex Buddies are Better than Soul Mates

Why-Sex-Buddies-are-Better-than-Soul-MatesIf you’ve heard that you’re missing out by choosing to have casual sex instead of finding your soul mate and settling down for a life of exclusivity, don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Not to disrespect the guys who are into monogamy and long-term relationships, but they might be painting a much rosier picture for you than what actually unfolds in reality. There are a lot of reasons that having sex buddies might be way better for you than a committed relationship with one woman.

Men are Wired for Variety

If there is an exception to this rule, I have yet to meet him. Men are not genetically set up for monogamy. In the beginning, when a guy is all swept up in new relationship energy and the sex is still novel, he might fully believe that not only is he capable of monogamy, he really wants it! Over time, something shifts, though. Ask this same guy how he’s doing on that front a few years later, and you’ll almost always find out that his stance has changed & they want to find a sex buddy for casual sex! Chances are higher than not that he will have either already had an affair, he’ll be in the midst of one, or he’ll be contemplating one. If he’s not the sort of guy who can bring himself to cheat he may very well be trying to figure out how to end the relationship. If he’s one of those rare guys who doesn’t cheat and doesn’t leave, he’ll probably be miserable. By staying faithful to his supposed soul mate, not only will he be making himself miserable, his attitude will probably suck so much that he’s making her miserable, too.

You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty for Your Natural Urges

When most men cheat or contemplate cheating, the rush of the thrill is usually overshadowed to some degree by feelings of guilt. It doesn’t feel great to lie to a woman who loves you. With sex buddies, neither one of you is under any obligation to remain faithful. This means that you can act on your natural urges to have multiple sexual partners without feeling even a shred of guilt. Depending upon the nature of your fling, you might have a don’t ask, don’t tell policy, where you decide that what the two of you do when you’re apart is none of the other’s concern. Or you might even share your sexual adventures with each other because you both find it titillating. Either way, you’re both free to have as many sexual partners as you want, and no one has to get hurt.

Sex Buddies Are Simpler

When people think about soul mates, they generally think about the good times. What they might not be thinking about is all of the drama that can accompany day to day life when you’re sharing it with another person. With stressors like shared bills, differences in housekeeping standards, and feuds about whose family to visit during the holidays, things can get very complicated, very quickly. You usually won’t find much strife or arguing between sex buddies. You see each other for casual sex, and if you otherwise like each other’s personalities, you might choose to get together for a movie or a few beers from time to time. If you see each other at all outside of sex (which is not required), you’ll find that it’s usually as drama free as hanging out with the guys. If you don’t get off on a lot of emotional processing and endless compromises, flings are the way to go.


It’s Easier to End Things With A Sex Buddy

When you’re not in a relationship that is supposed to be based on love, when the time comes to end things, it’s a lot easier. Ending a committed relationship is usually painful for everyone involved. With sex buddies, when it feels like it’s time to move on for whatever reason, you can have a clean break and their probably won’t be any hard feelings. Even if there are hard feelings, it’s not usually such a big deal. If you never committed to anything, you’re under no obligation to stick around. This goes for the one night stand variety of fling, but it is also true for the sex buddy you’ve been hooking up with for a year. When it is time to go, you’re free to just go. From start to finish, sex buddy relationships offer significant advantages over soul mate pairings. Spare yourself the drama and keep things easy and fun.

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