Simple Secrets For Maintaining A Sex Buddy

Simple Secrets For Maintaining A Sex-BuddyNot many guys are lucky enough to have found that girl who is just in the relationship for sex. There are many women out there who will say they only want one thing, but then soon require more. If you are one of the few to truly find the one who wants sex as much, and as detached as you do, you would be smart to hold onto her. There are some things that you can do to keep her and others that will have her moving on. Although just a casual relationship, it still takes work to keep her around for the long haul. Here is a look at some common things that cause your casual partner to hit the road and some tips to fix them.

What are the reasons why sex buddies move along?

There are many reasons why sex buddies move on. The main one is boredom. Just like any sexual relationship, sex buddies can get bored with the same old sex. Just like always having vanilla, there comes a time when she will want chocolate. Sex buddies may be relationships that are based on no strings attached, but they aren’t based on neglect. Unless you bring something new to the table, she will move along to the next exciting conquest. Keeping sex fresh and exciting is important. It isn’t always going to be pure and hot. You have to put a little effort in, not only to keep her, but to continue to enjoy it yourself.

If you think about why people stay in relationships, it is usually because there is some benefit such as security, money, or children. In sex buddy unions there is none of that. All you have to go on is sex. It is your responsibility to introduce new things. Make sure that you are pleasing her, and she will continue to please you. Creating new places to meet, using new positions, or continually sending sex texts (sexting Rules) to her of all the things you would like to do, is a great way to keep it beneficial. She may not be your girlfriend, but you may want to invest in some sexy outfits for her. After all, when you think about sexy lingerie, it isn’t really for them anyway, is it?

When sex starts to run dry, that is when she is going to run for the hills. Looking around for props is not a bad idea. Finding out what it is that makes her feel good, and doing it, is crucial. Sometimes you can get away with being selfish in other relationships, but a sex buddy is all about gratification. You have to make sure to do the things that she likes and she will continue to do the right things for you.

What are the other reasons that sex buddies move along?

One sure fire way to lose your sex buddy is if she finds someone else. That can mean she finds someone more interesting to have sex with, or that she falls in love with someone else. This can be a real problem. If another guy is offering her a real relationship, strings attached, it may be very attractive. The best way to keep her around is by creating doubt in her mind about whether the other guy is the one for her. Girls are notorious for questioning and over analyzing, so help convince her out of wanting the other guy. I know, it is a sneaky trick for sure, but it is the only way that you are going to keep her around. Ask her questions that will make her wonder whether the other guy is real, or what his intentions really are. It isn’t hard to introduce doubt when it comes to girls, especially when it comes to vulnerable things like love.

Mind games are not out of realm when you want to keep your sex buddy. You don’t want to turn it into something long term, but if you talk about the future with her, that will give her a false sense of security. She says she is only in it for the sex, but everyone is attracted to security. Even if the security is just that you will continue to be there to gratify her, that is something more than her wondering who is going to be there. Make her feel like you are going to be that someone in her life when she needs it.

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