Places You Can Hook Up With Your Fling In Public

Places You Can Hook Up With Your Fling In PublicThe thing that makes a fling more exhilarating than just a regular relationship is the thrill of it. A fling is something that you engage in with someone on a whim. Unlike stable, or long term relationships, they are about spontaneity and fun. Part of the fun is that they are naughty by nature. Flings are really more about sex than forming a relationship. If you can keep them in that realm, they won’t lose their allure. What makes them even more thrilling? The potential to get caught when having a sexual fling. For someone who has a little bit of voyeurism in their soul, a fling that occurs in the most peculiar places, (quickies) is that much more intense.

The key to having a fling with someone is all about the place and time. You want to have it be somewhere risky, so you always have the potential to get caught, but you don’t want to get arrested. Even worse, you don’t want to have some children walk by and scar them forever. The place and timing of a fling can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of it. If you want to have a sexual encounter that will heighten your experience to great depths, try some of these:

The bathroom
I know, cliche. Why do cliches stick around as long as they do? Because they are good. If you are out, and you just can’t wait to get home, hit a local bathroom for some fun. Most stalls supply you with ample room to get your rocks. If it is a tight space, even better.

An elevator
The elevator is a great place to have sex out in the open, but out of the way. Sure there are cameras, and the potential that anyone can come in on the next floor. If you press the stop button you will have about 5 good minutes to get things done. If that isn’t enough time, get the foreplay over before you press the stop button. That should be enough time for the finale at least.

The movie theater
Take a seat, well, actually take a back seat. Meet at the movie theater and mosey to the back of the rows. There is plenty of room to stretch out. Choosing a matinee will work best. Be considerate of others and don’t pick a G or PG movie. For this move you definitely want to choose something that is R rated.

A public park
There are many amazing state parks that have many hidden trails and beautiful scenery. If you are the outdoors type, plan to meet along a hiking trail. There are plenty of places to have sex out in the open, and open air. Thrilling, you can connect with nature while you are connecting with your fling.

A parking garage
Parking garages are full of excitement for sex. You never know when someone is going to come fetch their car. Having sex on top of someone else’s, or your own car, out in the open is a liberating feeling. Try to avoid heavy traffic times, or areas, and look for cameras. The security officers don’t take kindly to people having sex on their watch.

A dressing room
Have a Victoria’s Secret nearby? Try meeting at the dressing room. Just let them know what stall you will be in and try on the sexiest ensemble they have. Not only are they roomy, they have mirrors everywhere for your pleasure. The best part, you are supposed to get naked in them.

An alley
Far removed, but still out in the open, an alley is a great place for a hookup. Behind the bar, or nightclub, or even behind the grocery store. The idea is to be out of the way, but easily accessible. The wind rushing your private parts is only part of the thrill. Knowing you can get caught at any time will increase the intensity of pleasure for you both.

A workout club / Gym
If you want to get a workout of a different kind, you can meet at the workout club. If you don’t have a membership, trying to get in is part of the thrill. They not only have amazing facilities, but excellent showers and saunas. Many gyms are open 24 hrs, if you time it during a slow time of the night you should have no trouble getting really hot and sweaty with your fling!

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