New To Fling Dating? What You Need To Know

New To Fling Dating What You Need To KnowThere are a multitude of reasons why people venture into the exciting world of fling dating. The reasons change as we grow older but the allure is still there. It isn’t an easy decision. The concept of fling dating is fairly new and so are the rules that have developed with it. There are no hard and solid rules about fling dating, as it morphs and changes and bends to suit the couple involved. However, as in any of life’s dating conundrums, there are some general common sense ground rules. There are a few guidelines to follow that will make your transition into fling dating relatively easy and much more fun.

Keep Your Newbie Status to Yourself

While we are all for openness and honesty in all relationships, do not let on that you are new to the fling dating world. Women who enter into fling dating relationships are not out for commitment. That is not to say they are adverse to it but they are not solely searching out that type of relationship. It is more of an “if it happens, it happens” type of situation. Don’t announce your newbie status by being shy, stammering and saying odd things. If you just aren’t feeling the confidence right away, fake it. Keep your comments to a minimum and think about everything you say before you say it. Stay calm and take everything in stride. Don’t let anything surprise you or make you angry. It is imperative to stay cool, calm and collected. You want to give the impression that you are an old hat at this game and know all the tricks.

Do not Over compensate

When it is your first time doing anything, men tend to over compensate for their short coming by being cocky, bold and brash. That will not work for you here. Women appreciate and are attracted to an air of confidence, but being arrogant will be counterproductive. What works instead is a calm demeanor and a strong interest in your date. If you behave as if you are the best catch in the world but you are only interested in her, she will feel that. This situation is actually a precursor to lovemaking where men must feel their partner is enjoying it as much as he is in order to climax. Instead, however, it is the woman who must feel the man is enjoying her company and interested only in her AND worthy of her attention before she can carry on.


Attachment Diversion

One important rule of fling dating is make sure it stays that way. As we stated earlier, there are many reasons people begin fling dating. While it isn’t unheard of to take a fling dating relationship to the next level and begin dating, most do not. People use fling dating to solve loneliness and boredom issues without having to commit. This technique works well people who have busy lives, concentrating on school, work or even a family. In order to keep your fling dating relationship just that, you must safeguard yourself against attachment. It helps to make it clear from the beginning that you are in the relationship for fun only. Let her know from the start that you want no commitment. This ensures there are no hurt feelings or blown up emotions later. Another way to avoid attachment is not to traditionally date. Do not take her to romantic dinner or movie dates. Do not take her around your friends or go out with her friends. If you do go out in public, do not hold hands, kiss or otherwise portray a loving relationship. If others around you begin to think of you as a couple, so will she. Contraception is another huge way to keep attachment at bay. The last thing you need is to get her pregnant. Do not count on her to provide birth control. Even if she says she cannot get pregnant, wear a condom every, single time with no exceptions. Remember that this is a fling, which essentially means that it only lasts a sort while.

Fling dating can serve an important part of someone’s life. Loneliness and boredom are real and can ruin long term relationships and many other aspects of a person’s life. The occasional jaunt into fling dating can be helpful if used with respect and caution. However, as helpful as they can be, they can also be extremely damaging. Pregnancy, disease and a whole host of other issues can tie you to your fling much longer than intended if you aren’t careful.


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