Letsbang.com Review

letsbang-reivewWhen I first found letsbang.com, I had high hopes for finding some sexy women to meet for casual sex. The main page looks promising if you’re looking for women who are going to be down for hot and dirty sex with no strings. The profile pictures located here were a mix of face shots of decently attractive women, and all kinds of T&A shots. While some of the shots were obviously fake because of the porn star caliber of the bodies on display, there were also a whole lot of women who had nice, height/weight proportionate bodies that were sexy but not too perfect to be real. Sadly, looking at these pictures is about the extent of what you’ll get from letsbang.com.

If you pay close attention when you read the FAQ, you’ll see a clue about what you’re in store for. One of the frequently asked questions is, “A member asked me for money. What’s up?” I’ll give letsbang.com credit for at least answering that question honestly and admitting that there are scammers on their site and warning members to be careful. Unfortunately, I can’t give them credit for trying to clean up this nasty little problem. I’m not trying to be unfair or unrealistic, because it’s true that con artists will slip through the cracks and pop up on any casual dating site. The difference is that the good ones do their best to keep it under control. A quick scroll through the profiles on letsbang.com makes it evident that they do little, if anything, to get rid of these unscrupulous profiles. It kind of takes the sincerity out of their warning in the FAQ. I’ve utilized the services of several of the top casual sex sites, and I’ve never stumbled upon one with such a high percentage of con artist profiles.

After sifting through hundreds of profiles that obviously were set up by scam artists, I was feeling disheartened, but I hadn’t given up because there seemed to be many more that were probably real. There were plenty of chicks that were hot, but not too hot to be believable, and had profiles that seemed to be written by real women looking for sex. They looked that way because they probably were at one time, but given the lack of responses I got, I’m sure they were dead profiles that were being listed as live accounts to bulk up the membership numbers. As I mentioned, I’m pretty experienced with fling dating websites. I know from past experience that not every message you send will generate a response. I’m not the best looking guy in the world, but I’m decently attractive. This means that typically I will have a few women ignore me and several others will respond to my messages. It’s been that way with every reputable site I’ve used to find casual sex. It wasn’t the case on letsbang.com. Not a single one of the ads I sent messages to replied. On average, I’ve been able to hook up with about one to three women a week on most of the sites I’ve used, so I find it highly suspicious that during an entire month on letsbang.com I was unable to get laid once.

Look, if you just want to look at hot pictures of women’s tits, there are plenty of free sites for that. There’s no need to pay for a membership to a hookup site if that’s all you’re going to get out of it. I would have had more luck at a local bar. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money. The internet is a big place, and there are plenty of hookup sites that deliver what they promise. Unfortunately, at letsbang.com, the only thing getting hit is your wallet.

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