Guys Your Fling Might Leave You For

Guys Your Fling Might Leave You ForIf you are in the midst of a great fling and worried about the potential of losing it, you may have cause. Many flings don’t last very long. The whole definition of a fling is that it is temporary and that it is all about the pleasure of both partners. Chances are good that if your sex life becomes stale, or predictable, you may be in jeopardy of losing her to another guy. No girl wants to become old habit for a guy. If you want to keep her interested in you, you have to know what makes women tick. There are specific reasons why women leave their flings in the dust for another guy. These are surefire ways to lose the hot girl of your dreams to someone else. To ensure that you don’t lose her to someone else, you have to know what the likely competition is to win over your flings heart. There are certain types of guys that your woman may potentially leave you for. These are the characteristics that they will probably have. Guys who have these things are most likely going to be your biggest threat:

Mr. Big Shot
Women love the guy in the room who is ordering everyone else around. Power is a very subjective thing, but it is the way that the people around someone treat them. When someone is powerful they command the respect from everyone in their path. They simply have an heir about them that says they are someone important. It may be that they hold a prominent position such as a CEO or community leader, or just that they do something significant for the world, such as an inventor. Be careful of the guy who has everyone falling all over to satisfy his every whim, he is going to be one of your biggest challengers.

The Sensitive Musicians
Yep, that is right, women absolutely loved talented men. It may seem to you that the guy who can pull out the harmonica, or a guitar and sing his heart out is nothing but a huge irritant, but girls absolutely love that stuff. Women love guys who can sing and are talented and admired. It is about being able to command everyone in the room’s attention and do something that no one else is able to do. It is in being something “special” that they find attractiveness. If you want to take her to a concert, don’t introduce her to the band members. That is a huge, huge mistake. Make sure to get back row tickets and pass up the backstage passes while you are at it.

Mr. Deep Pockets
Ah yes, even if she is not with you because you have money, women are attracted to guys with money. A guy with money can give to her everything that she wants. The problem with money is that most likely there is always going to be some guy that has more than you. Even if you are able to provide well for her, there is always going to be that one guy who is flashing the black card around like he owns the place, and most likely, he does. If you want to beat out the guy with money make sure to always keep her well dressed and satisfied. You don’t have to have all the money in the world, but you do have to make sure that her desires are met one way or another.

The Jock
Women love a guy who can sweat, compete and win. They love sports stars. Even those who are not all that into sports find guys out on the court commanding the attention of millions very attractive. If there is a guy who is talented in sports, or can beat out anyone with his prowess, he is going to be the one to beat. For evolutionary reasons, the leader of the pack is always going to be your biggest threat.

The Chick Magnet
A woman likes to be tied to the guy who every girl wants. Having the guy who is most desirable is about her own pride and competition. If there is a guy that everyone wants, someone who is famous for instance, or is just damn hot and he wants your chick…you’d better watch out. There is a really good chance your fling will leave you in a New York minute for this guy!

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