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On October 7, 2013
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Ranked #4 Fling Site! We got fantastic results on Eroticads - and definitely recommend this one!.

Eroticads Review | Try Eroticads For Free!

Eroticads is one of the hottest newcomers to the fling dating site scene. While not as established as the first three sites we reviewed, we fully expect to see this site move rapidly up the list as it matures. Even being newer to the scene, it is one of the best hookup sites we came across while conducting reviews of every dating site we could cover. We highly recommend getting in one the ground floor, because this one is taking off quickly. With more than 40 million members already on the rosters, there is never any shortage of women to choose from, and a fair amount of the chicks I hooked up with through were hot. Never once did I log without finding women in my city online and ready to chat, and most of those women were ready and willing to meet up for sex within a day or two. Read on for a detailed account of the features that made come in at #4 on our list of the web’s best casual sex sites. The answer to the question, does Eroticads Works, is a resounding YES!

What to Expect From EroticAds

1. Features – Overall, the site design of is sleek, sexy, and user friendly. We found that it was easy to sign up and navigate, and the array of features offered was pretty fantastic. There are message boards, private chats, and the options for both private and group webcam chats. The webcam chats are great for a couple of reasons. The first is that sometimes the photos people post online aren’t current or an accurate reflection of what they really look like. Maybe they’ve gained twenty pounds since the picture was taken, or they worked really hard to get a picture at the best possible angle. When you chat via webcam, it reveals all. You’ll both be able to see each other as you are now, which will cut down on awkward in-person, “Thanks, but no thanks” meetings. The other thing is that if you’re horny and can’t wait to meet in person, there are usually plenty of people willing to play with you on cam. The cam talks can get pretty sexy, so if you’re really in the mood, it might not be a satisfying as a hookup, but it will beat watching porn by yourself! These features are the main reason Eroticads got a positive review.

2. Ease of Use – does a pretty good job of making the site user friendly. It’s easy to sign up, find people in your local area, video chat, and see who is online immediately in order to expedite the process of meeting up to get laid. If you’re a novice to casual sex or fling dating websites, you will have absolutely no issue trying to figure out how it all works here. The only disappointment we found was that the search feature didn’t get specific enough about sexual preferences for our tastes. While it lets you get pretty specific about everything from race to body type preferences, fetishes and the like aren’t really covered. That’s kind of a drag, but it just means having to read profiles a little more carefully if you like sex that is a little out of the ordinary.

3. Size of Member Base – This is one of the areas where Eroticads really shines. The size of the member base is impressive, to say the least, with over forty million registered users. So many of the women who use the site are down for webcam chat that it makes it very easy to make sure you’re talking to a legit woman before meeting up. We did find some ads that were obviously scams, but with so many real members online at any given time, it’s not that serious of a drawback. Just ignore them and move on to the chicks who are there to get laid, and it’s all good.
Eroticads Review | Try Eroticads For Free!
4. Safety – Safety in one of the biggest concerns we encounter when we talk to people who are new to using casual fling dating sites. For this reason, we make it a point not to give high ranking to any sites that we feel fall down on the job when it comes to protecting its members. has an excellent privacy policy, so you can chill out and stop worrying that your information will be sold without your consent or that the system will be hacked and your private information will be revealed. If you’re worried about safety issues associated with con artists, just remember to follow the steps we outlined for spotting fake profiles and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

5. Prices/Payment Details – A monthly membership will cost you right around $30 bucks, and it will be worth every penny. The fine folks at use the highly respected billing company ePoch to process payments. The charge will show as Webpay on your billing statement. While the site says you can sign up for free, be aware that signing up and having access to all of the features are two different things. The free sign-up is a good place to start if you just want to check it out before making your decision, but once you’re ready to use the site to meet women who are DTF, you’re going to want to shell out the money for a membership. Eroticads does offer a “Hook-up guarantee” if you do not hook up with a woman in the first 60 days you will receive a full refund! You really have nothing to loose!

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