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On October 7, 2013
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Ranked #5 Fling Dating Site! We got solid results on Eroticsearch - and definitely recommend trying this site

Eroticsearch Review | Try Eroticsearch For Free!

Rounding out the Top 5 fling dating sites we reviewed is Erotic Search. We love this site for its simple, smooth, and streamlined design. In addition, there is never any shortage of members in your local area, wherever that may be. We really love the way the design makes it so easy to find exactly what you’re looking for without sifting through the people you have no interest in checking out. The site is somewhat classier than a lot of the find a fling sites we looked at, meaning that while they don’t try to hide that it’s all about sex, you’re not going to find yourself staring at endless profile pictures of people that maybe you’d rather not see naked. In fact, they clearly specify that you can’t show your genitals or sex acts in your profile pictures, which is just fine by us. Wouldn’t you rather see that stuff in person and only with people you actually find attractive? During the review process, we found it very easy to meet people face to face for sex using Erotic Search, and since that’s really what it all boils down to, they were a clear choice for our #5 pick!

What to Expect From Erotic Search

1. Features – We found the search features on to be superb. This was one of our number one deciding factors in choosing to include it in our top five casual dating sites. Right from the beginning on the front page, you will be offered options like searching for a single girl or guy or a couple. You also get to choose from a straight couple, a gay couple, or a lesbian couple, in addition to the usual options, and if you want to hookup with a transsexual, they have an option for that, too. You will also enjoy a plethora of features like chat rooms, being able to see who is online for quicker hookup arrangements, who has viewed your profile, and a whole lot more. The membership levels are tiered, as they are with most casual dating sites, with slightly higher payments giving you access to more features. The absolute only drawback we found on Erotic Search was that they do incorporate banners and pop-up ads, and that can be annoying. Normally, that might be enough of a turn-off for us to exclude a site, but Erotic Search has so many good things going for it that we were willing to overlook the irritation of unwanted ads. The answer to the question Does EroticSearch work is YES!

2. Ease of Use – It really doesn’t get any easier than It is clear that a lot of thought went into making the site easy to navigate and intuitive to use. Not only can we say that the learning curve is steep, we feel comfortable saying that there really is no learning curve. If you could figure out how to turn on your computer and run a search to find the site, you can navigate it without any trouble. It’s that simple! When reviewing these sites, ease of use is incredibly important to us. We know that when you’re using casual dating sites, you want to get laid, and you want to get laid fast. That isn’t going to happen if you’re fumbling around for hours trying to figure out how to run searches and send messages. There’s no reason why you can’t be looking at profiles and chatting with hot ladies in your area within minutes after you complete the registration process.

3. Size of Member Base – Erotic Search boasts over 15 million members world wide. That means that the number of women looking for hot, no strings sex in any given area of the country is bound to be higher than at least 90% of the other casual dating sites you will encounter! The one and only drawback to a site this size is that there is no way to get around the fact that you will encounter some fake profiles. The good news is that Erotic Search does their best to keep these con artists off to begin with, and that when they slip through the cracks, they try to find and delete them as quickly as possible. It’s just that when you are dealing with fifty million people, there is no way to catch them all right away. On the other hand, when you have that many more real women using a site, you’re a lot less likely to feel like you wasted your money when you stumble across a fake. The real women looking for sex by far outnumber the fakes. Erotic Search has tons of good looking, real women who want to hookup for casual sex. The size of its member base is the #1 reason our EroticSearch review was so positive
Eroticsearch Review | Try Eroticsearch For Free!
4. Safety – As mentioned in our fling site other site reviews, we never include any sites in our “best of” lists that don’t take safety seriously. Erotic Search does a great job of protecting its members, and your private information and credit card number are safe. There is absolutely no reason in this day and age to join any site that doesn’t take this matter seriously. Erotic Search uses encryption and other security technologies that ensure that the only people who will have your information are the people you have authorized to have it.

5. Prices / Payment Details – The fee structure is pretty simple on Erotic Search. There is a free basic membership, a silver level, and gold level. Each tier offers more features for a slightly higher price, but it tops out at a still very affordable $34.95. It is also worth noting that you get discounts for purchasing multiple months of membership at a time, so if you were to get the gold membership for 3 months it is only $23.32 a month, and if you sign on for a year it is only $12.50 a month. The charge appears discreetly on your statement as WEBPAY, and the site has a AA rating with the Better Business Bureau. Think about it. For less than the cost of three lattes, you can have access to unlimited chances to chat with and meet hot

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