Common Issues You Might Run Into With Your Fling

Common-Issues-You-Might-Run-Into-With-Your-FlingIf you are looking to have a fling, it may sound fun and freeing, but with any relationship there is going to be some conflict involved. The whole attraction of a fling is that it is supposed to be no-string attached. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with human emotions, there is never such a thing. There are things that you will naturally run into in the course of a fling that you will want to know how to see coming, and how to avoid. These are the 4 common issues you may run into with your new fling.

1) The ex
Your fling didn’t materialize out of a vacuum. She is going to have a past, just like you do. If she has a current relationship, or an ex, if they find out they may cause problems in your current relationship. If her ex is upset with her, or just doesn’t want to see her with anyone else, he may try to make things difficult for you both. That means you can be an innocent bystander to his madness. Before you get involved in any fling, make sure you know what type of skeletons she has in her sexual past and if they are still a part of her future. If they are, you want to keep walking. The last thing you want is to make her demons, yours too.

2) They want more
Many women tell you that all they want is fun, but once you have sex with them they feel something more. Women have a hard time separating emotes from sex. They think that they can keep it casual, but once they begin to have feelings it is near impossible for them not to want something a little more than a fling. They are also fickle creatures. They want one thing one day and then the next completely change it all up. Dealing with their emotions is like walking a mine field. Remind them of what the plan was going in. Tell them they deserve someone better than you who can only be half into the relationship. Make it about them and their needs and they will be more apt to be okay with a casual relationship again.

3) Revenge
If you decide that you are done with your fling, you may run into a vengeful fling. When they feel used, or like you didn’t treat them right, the first thing they will want to do is to get back at you. There is no worse furry than a woman scorned. Dealing with an ex fling is a tricky thing. You don’t want your wife to find out, but your fling will probably be hell bent on letting her know what you have been up to. Try to appeal to her sense of kindness. If you remind her that your wife and family are all innocent bystanders, you may be able to calm her down. She may want something from you. Whatever it is, you are best to give it to her. If you don’t the whole thing could blow up in your face.

4) The stalker
There are some flings which will turn into stalkers. They get so into you that they want to see what your life is like. It doesn’t always turn bad, but if you notice that they are asking too many questions, or showing up places you go, it is time to put a stop to it. Stalkers are no good for your livelihood. Simply tell your fling that if they need to know things about your personal life they can just ask. Ask them also what they want from the relationship and let them know in no certain terms that they want something different than you do. If you let the bad behavior continue, it will only get out of control. If you notice that they are starting to reach where you live, it is time to break it off immediately. Fix them up with someone else. The best way to get them to move along is to help them be another person’s problem. If you know of someone who may knock her socks off it is time to pawn her off on them.

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